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Saturday, June 5th, 2010

随着苹果的全 球开发者大会即将到来 ,高科技产业,以及我们不敢说, 世界上再一次在什么提心吊胆苹 果公司首席执行官史蒂夫乔布斯将展示当他把舞台 。 Unusually, however, it seems that this year’s keynote may have less of an element of surprise than in past years.不 同寻常的,但是,它似乎今年的主题演讲中,可能有一个比过去几年出奇不意少。

The sure thing在肯定的事

Apple has introduced a new version of the iPhone OS—and a new iPhone—every summer for the last three years.苹果公司推出 了新版本的iPhone操作系统和新的iPhone,每一个在过去3年的夏天。 This year appears to be no exception: Apple already spilled the details on iPhone OS 4.0 at a special event in April.今年似乎也不例 外:苹果已经波及操 作系统iPhone 4.0的细节,在4月特别活动。 The Apple CEO, who anchored the event, said that the new operating system would make its way to iPhones “this summer” and to iPads in the fall.苹果公司首席执行官,谁停泊在发言时表示,新的操作系统也将作出自己的方式的 iPhone“这个夏天在秋天”和ipad公司。

Multitasking is the most prominent new feature of iPhone OS 4.0, which is also probably the most welcome since 3.0’s addition of cut and paste.多任务是最突出的iPhone操作系统4.0,这也是可能是最欢迎的新功能,因为 3.0的剪切和粘贴增加。 Double-clicking the iPhone’s Home button will now slide the screen up to reveal a list of all currently running applications, allowing users to quickly jump back and forth.双击 iPhone的Home键现在屏幕上滑动揭示了当前正在运行的所有应用程序的列表,允许用户快速来回跳。

During the presentation, Apple executive Scott Forstall also ran down the seven areas in which Apple would actually allow applications to run in the background: audio playback, voice over IP, location services, the existing push notifications , local notifications, task completion, and fast app switching.在演讲,苹果主管斯科特福斯塔尔也跑下来的七个领域中,苹果公司实际上将允许应用程序在后台运行:音频播放,IP语音 结束,定位服务,现有的推 通知 ,当地通知,任务的完成,快速应用程序切换。

Forstall claimed these cases would address the vast majority of apps requiring background support and, since they’re built into the OS, Apple can make sure there’s no adverse effect on battery life or performance.福斯塔 尔声称,这些案件将需要解决的背景支持绝大多数应用程序,因为它们内置到操作系统,苹果可以确保有没有对电池寿命或性能的不利影响。

iPhone 4.0 will also bring the ability for users to group their apps into folders, customizable wallpaper, an overhauled Mail application, and add the iPad’s iBooks app—complete with iBookstore. iPhone 4.0将带来对用户进行分组到文件夹的能力,可定制的墙纸,一大修Mail应用程序的应用程序,并添加ipad公司的iBook应用与 iBookstore完成。 The company also dished on new enterprise features such as support for encrypting e-mails and attachments, the ability to have multiple Exchange accounts, and support for Microsoft Exchange 2010.该公司还抛出新的企业功能,如支持加密电子邮件和附件,有能力有多个外汇帐户,并为Microsoft Exchange 2010的支持。 (more…)