随着苹果的全 球开发者大会即将到来 ,高科技产业,以及我们不敢说, 世界上再一次在什么提心吊胆苹 果公司首席执行官史蒂夫乔布斯将展示当他把舞台 。 Unusually, however, it seems that this year’s keynote may have less of an element of surprise than in past years.不 同寻常的,但是,它似乎今年的主题演讲中,可能有一个比过去几年出奇不意少。

The sure thing在肯定的事

Apple has introduced a new version of the iPhone OS—and a new iPhone—every summer for the last three years.苹果公司推出 了新版本的iPhone操作系统和新的iPhone,每一个在过去3年的夏天。 This year appears to be no exception: Apple already spilled the details on iPhone OS 4.0 at a special event in April.今年似乎也不例 外:苹果已经波及操 作系统iPhone 4.0的细节,在4月特别活动。 The Apple CEO, who anchored the event, said that the new operating system would make its way to iPhones “this summer” and to iPads in the fall.苹果公司首席执行官,谁停泊在发言时表示,新的操作系统也将作出自己的方式的 iPhone“这个夏天在秋天”和ipad公司。

Multitasking is the most prominent new feature of iPhone OS 4.0, which is also probably the most welcome since 3.0’s addition of cut and paste.多任务是最突出的iPhone操作系统4.0,这也是可能是最欢迎的新功能,因为 3.0的剪切和粘贴增加。 Double-clicking the iPhone’s Home button will now slide the screen up to reveal a list of all currently running applications, allowing users to quickly jump back and forth.双击 iPhone的Home键现在屏幕上滑动揭示了当前正在运行的所有应用程序的列表,允许用户快速来回跳。

During the presentation, Apple executive Scott Forstall also ran down the seven areas in which Apple would actually allow applications to run in the background: audio playback, voice over IP, location services, the existing push notifications , local notifications, task completion, and fast app switching.在演讲,苹果主管斯科特福斯塔尔也跑下来的七个领域中,苹果公司实际上将允许应用程序在后台运行:音频播放,IP语音 结束,定位服务,现有的推 通知 ,当地通知,任务的完成,快速应用程序切换。

Forstall claimed these cases would address the vast majority of apps requiring background support and, since they’re built into the OS, Apple can make sure there’s no adverse effect on battery life or performance.福斯塔 尔声称,这些案件将需要解决的背景支持绝大多数应用程序,因为它们内置到操作系统,苹果可以确保有没有对电池寿命或性能的不利影响。

iPhone 4.0 will also bring the ability for users to group their apps into folders, customizable wallpaper, an overhauled Mail application, and add the iPad’s iBooks app—complete with iBookstore. iPhone 4.0将带来对用户进行分组到文件夹的能力,可定制的墙纸,一大修Mail应用程序的应用程序,并添加ipad公司的iBook应用与 iBookstore完成。 The company also dished on new enterprise features such as support for encrypting e-mails and attachments, the ability to have multiple Exchange accounts, and support for Microsoft Exchange 2010.该公司还抛出新的企业功能,如支持加密电子邮件和附件,有能力有多个外汇帐户,并为Microsoft Exchange 2010的支持。

Developers weren’t given short shrift either, with two major bullet points devoted to behind-the-scenes features.开 发者没有得到任何昙花一现,两大要点致力于幕后的功能。 The first was Game Center, Apple’s answer to gaming networks like Microsoft’s Xbox Live or Sony’s PlayStation Network.首先是游戏中心,苹果公司的回答像微软的Xbox Live或索尼的PlayStation网络游戏网络。 It allows game developers to easily add support for things like buddy lists, online matchmaking, leaderboards and more.它可以让游戏开发商能够轻松地添加 如好友列表,在线撮合,排行榜和支持更多的事情。 It also competes with similar established offerings on the iPhone and iPad, such as OpenFeint .它也设立类似的竞争产品的iPhone等ipad公司, OpenFeint

In the long term, however, the more important feature for developers may be iAd, Apple’s new mobile advertising system.从长远来看,但是,对于开发更重要的功能可能是网络成瘾,苹果新的移动广告系统。 Rising from the ashes of ad firm Quattro Wireless, which Apple purchased last year , iAd allows developers to easily integrate ads into their applications. ,瑞星从废墟quattro的无线广告公司去 年购买的苹果电脑 ,网络成瘾允许开发人员轻松地集成应用到他们的广告。 During the presentation, Jobs dinged existing ads for being intrusive, taking you out of your application, and being on the whole poorly designed.在 这个会上,乔布斯dinged被侵入的现有广告,带你从你的申请,并于设计不良的整个人。 iAd, which will be based on HTML5 technologies, will allow for video and interactive elements without yanking the user out of their app, and they’ll be designed by Apple.网络成瘾,这将HTML5的技术为基础,将允许视频和互动元素,用户无需拔掉 了他们的应用程序,它们会出现在苹果公司设计的。

These won’t be the only features in iPhone 4.0, of course.这些将不会在iPhone 4.0中的唯一特征,当然。 Apple said the new version would add 100 new features, some of which were displayed on a slide behind Jobs at one point, including spellcheck, Bluetooth keyboard support, tap-to-focus video, 5x digital zoom, and others.苹果公司表示,新版本将增加100个新功能,其中有些是在一个点上的幻灯片后面工作,包括拼写检查,支持蓝牙键盘显示,自来 水到重点影片,5倍数码变焦等。 Some of these features, such as keyboard support and spellcheck, already exist in the iPad’s iPhone OS 3.2, so iPhone 4.0 may bring parity between the two devices . ,其中一些功能,如键盘,支持和拼写检查,在IPAD已经存在的iPhone操作系统3.2,所以iPhone 4.0可能带 来两个设备之间的均衡

One other long-awaited feature will probably rear its head in iPhone OS 4.0, if Apple’s US carrier partner AT&T is to be believed.另外一个期待已久的功能将可能在iPhone操作系统4.0后,其头部,如果苹果公司在美国运营商合 作伙伴AT&T是值得相信。 The wireless provider announced new smartphone data plans this week , including the ability for tethering.在无线服务供应商宣 布了新的智能手机数据计划在本周 ,包括圈养的能力。 While Apple added tethering functionality in iPhone 3.0 , it’s never been available in the US AT&T said tethering would be available for the iPhone “when Apple releases iPhone OS 4 this summer.”虽然苹果将 在iPhone圈养3.0功能 ,它从未Ŧ可以在美国的AT&表示将夏季圈养可用于iPhone“苹果发布iPhone操作系统时,4这一点。”

One crazy summer一个疯狂的夏天

iPhone OS 4.0 may be a lock, but what about new hardware along with it? iPhone操作系统4.0可能是一个锁,但对于与它一起新的硬件? As with iPhone OS versions, Apple has released a new iteration of the iPhone hardware every summer since the original model’s introduction in June 2007.如同iPhone OS版本,苹果已经发布了iPhone硬件的新的迭代每年夏天,由于原模型在2007年6月推出。 While the yearly product refresh has been considered an open secret in the past, this year the emphasis was decidedly on the open part after April saw a prototype iPhone surface in a Silicon Valley-area bar .虽然每年的 产品更新已被认为是过去公开的秘密,今年的重点是坚决的公开部分后,在4月1 区酒吧原型iPhone表面在硅谷

Eventually ending up in the hands of tech blog Gizmodo, the prototype was subjected to intense scrutiny and even dissection as arguments waged over whether or not it was the genuine article.最后结束的技术博客Gizmodo的手中,原型是受到严格审查,甚至解剖作为参数,发动了它是否是真正的文章。 In the end, it turned out that the device was a real prototype, as Apple demanded the phone returned and a criminal investigation ensued .最后,事实证明该设备是一个真正的原型,因为苹果要求电话回 来, 随 后进行刑事调查 。 That said, it’s yet to be determined whether or not the device we saw is an actual product or an unfinished prototype.这 就是说,它尚未决定是否设备,我们看到的是一个实际的产品或一个未完成的原型。

If it turns out to be a device that gets announced next week, we know much of what to expect: a faster processor based on the same Apple A4 chip that powers the iPad, 802.11n wireless networking, a high-resolution screen, a camera flash, and a front-facing video camera that hints at video-calling features.如果原来是一个星期宣布的设备,获取未来,我们知道很多东 西,希望到:一个更快的处理器同样基于苹 果a4的芯片在IPAD的权力,802.11n无线网络,高分辨率的屏幕,摄像头闪光灯,以及前,面对摄像镜头说暗示视频呼叫功能。 The unit also boasts a different design from its predecessors, with a flat back, aluminum bezel around the edge, and redesigned volume buttons.该 装置还拥有一个平坦的后背从它的前辈不同的设计,周围边缘铝面板,并重新设计音量按钮。

Speaking earlier this week at the D8 conference, Jobs described the story of the purloined prototype as “amazing,” saying “it’s got theft, it’s got buying stolen property, it’s got extortion, I’m sure there’s some sex in there… the whole thing is very colorful.张建宗在D8的会议本星期早些时候,乔布斯描述了偷 原型的故事“令人惊讶”,认为“它有盗窃,它有收购赃物,它有勒索,我敢肯定有一些有性别…整个事情是非常丰富多彩。 Somebody should make a movie out of this.”有人要拍电影了这一点。“

The iPhone kerfuffle has raised questions about whether there will be any surprises left for the WWDC keynote.在iPhone kerfuffle,提出了是否会有为基调的WWDC留下任何意外问题。 But given that the prototype that Gizmodo acquired wouldn’t actually boot, there are still unanswered details about what other new features the phone might have and how they might work.但由于收购的原型,Gizmodo不会真正启动,但 仍然没有答案什么其他新功能的手机可能已经和它们如何工作的细节。 Not to mention, at this point, we’re dying to see if Jobs will make any mention of affair while onstage.更何况在这一点 上,我们拭目以待看看招聘会提及任何事情,而舞台上。

Better off dead富裕死

If you’re expecting news on the Mac OS during WWDC, you’d be wise not to place a huge bet.如果你希望在Mac OS在WWDC上的新闻,你会最好不要放置一个巨大的赌注。 While Apple’s desktop OS may make a cameo appearance, it’s unlikely that it will get much air time.虽然苹果的桌面操 作系统可能使一个客串演出,这是不太可能会得到很多时段。 Apple even decided to do away with the Mac applications category for its annual Apple Design Awards this year, a move that roused ire from many developers .苹果公司甚至决定这样做,取消申请类别的Mac苹果电脑的年度设计奖,今 年提出激 起的愤怒,许多开发商

When asked via e-mail about the lack of Mac content , Jobs reputedly told one concerned developer:当问 内容通过电子邮件的Mac邮件缺乏有关 ,据说乔布斯告诉一个有关开发商:

We are focusing primarily (though not exclusively) on iPhone OS this year.我 们的重点主要放在iPhone操作系统(但不限于)今年。 Maybe next year we will focus primarily on the Mac.也许明年我们将主要集中在Mac上。 Just the normal cycle of things.只是事情发展的正常 循环。 No hidden meaning here.没有任何隐藏的含义。

Likewise, though the iPad is apparently the greatest thing since sliced bread , don’t expect Apple to spend much time on it other than touting what the device has already achieved.同 样,虽然在IPAD显然是在 切片面包以来最伟大的事情 ,不要指望苹果花太多的时间达到招徕以外什么设备已。 As it’s only been out for two months, it’s not as if there’s a new version on the horizon, and Apple’s already said that iPhone OS 4.0 won’t be available for the device until the fall.因为它只有两个月了,这不是因为如果有一个新版本在地 平线上,和苹果的操作系统已经表示,iPhone 4.0将不会被用于该设备,直到秋季。 A smaller OS update is still possible, however.一个较小的操作系统的更新仍然是可能的,但 是。

Say anything说什么

There are a number of other topics that could conceivably be mentioned during the Jobs keynote, though some would be better suited for another time and place: a rumored Apple TV upgrade or iTunes streaming seem more likely to be discussed at the company’s annual fall music event.有一个基调数量乔布斯的其他议题,在可以令人信服地提到,虽然有些人会得到更好的地方适合另一个时间 和:一传闻苹 果电视升级iTunes 的流媒体似乎更可能是事件的讨论在公司的年度秋季音乐。 Both the Mac Pro and the Mac mini are rumored for upgrades, as is Apple’s MobileMe service, which is currently testing a revamped beta version of its Webmail .无论是Mac Pro和Mac mini的升级是传言,因为是苹果的MobileMe服务,目前正在测试其 网上电邮更新的测试版 。 Any of those could make an appearance during the keynote.这些都可能作出在基调的外观。

And, of course, there’s always Steve Jobs’s trademark “one more thing” which could herald any number of unexpected announcements. ,当然,总有史蒂夫乔布斯的商标“一件事”,这可能预示着任何意想不到的宣布。 That said, even if nothing at the event truly surprises, a new iPhone and iPhone OS will bring much appreciated improvements to Apple’s existing product lines, and that’s nothing to sneeze at.这就是说,即使在事件没有真正的惊喜, 一个新的iPhone和iPhone OS将带来十分赞赏改善苹果现有的产品线,这不算什么无用。

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